Frequently Asked Questions

User Guide Information/Troubleshooting

Why are there many aggregates after harvesting hPSCs?

After harvesting hPSCs, cells should not be left in the collection tube for more than 5 minutes. Leaving cells for a longer period may cause the formation of cellular clumps which interferes with infection. Single cells are best for infection.

I was able to harvest more hPSCs than I needed for the kit. Can I replate or freeze the leftover hPSCs to maintain their culture?

No. If you’re following the instructions given in the user guide, the hPSCs will be harvested in a differentiation medium so the leftover hPSCs cannot be maintained.

Can I use Geltrex or Matrigel as a coating substrate for hPSC cultures?

Our kits are not optimized with these substrates. However, if your hPSC differentiation protocols are already optimized with such a substrate, you may try using one of these with our kit at your own risk.

Can I use an orbital shaker for SeV infection while incubating cell suspension for 10 minutes?

The purpose of flicking the tube containing cells and SeV every 2 minutes during the 10 minute incubation is to prevent cells from settling down and forming aggregates. If the orbital shaker can do so, then it is possible to use it.