iPSC-Derived Cells and Differentiation Kits

Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are a powerful tool for studying neuronal activity in vitro. Human iPSC-derived cells overcome many of the limitations of other popular models, such as immortalized cell lines and primary mouse neurons, which can be plagued by reproducibility issues and lack of biological relevance. Elixirgen Scientific provides both of pre-differentiated cells and differentiation reagent kits. Select cell types in your interest to learn more about offering.

Functional iPSC-derived cells in any lab. Faster. Easier.

Quick-Tissue™ Differentiation Technology

Although human iPSCs have many advantages over existing models, one drawback is that differentiation into the desired cell type is a time and labor intensive process. To address this research bottleneck, Elixirgen Scientific provides a variety of products and services to make research more efficient.

Utilizing our proprietary transcription factor-based technology, the Quick-Tissue™ Series of iPSC differentiation kits is a complete reagent set that allows for differentiation of human iPSCs in just 1-2 weeks. Or choose from our catalog of cryopreserved human iPSC-derived cells that can be easily thawed and maintained long-term.


Fast and easy iPSC differentiation enables more effective ways to model human biology and disease, opening the door to a wealth of applications.

ALS TDP-43 mutant and control iPSC-derived Neurons
iPSC-derived Excitatory Neurons on MEA

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