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Elixirgen Scientific is located in the Science and Technology Park at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, an ideal research environment that allows Elixirgen Scientific’s scientists to conduct research at state-of-the-art facilities. Together we can transform how you model human biology.

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At Elixirgen Scientific, our team is driven by our commitment to affect positive change. Learn more about our company's values in our mission and vision statement. Meet the executive leaders of Elixirgen Scientific.


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Our dedication to quality, innovation, and collaboration drives the development of cutting-edge discoveries and therapies through the power of iPSC technology.


Supporting today’s scientific research for tomorrow’s medical cures.



Minoru Ko

Minoru S.H. Ko MD, PhD

Founder and Scientific Adviser

Minoru is currently Professor Emeritus, Keio University. He was Professor and Chair at the Department of Systems Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine.  He also worked as a Senior Investigator (tenured) and Section Chief for nearly 15 years at the National Institute on Aging.

He has published more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific articles and more than 20 other articles and book chapters, including a “Stem Cell Biology” chapter of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine (17th, 18th, 19th editions). He brings more than 30 years of experience in stem cell biology, genetics, molecular and cell biology, and systems biology.

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Our Commitment

We are working towards a future where our technology improves lives by enabling new therapeutic modalities and devices; faster, more affordable drug discovery and development. We strive to enhance human health and advance scientific research. Transform how you model human biology.

Elixirgen Scientific is passionate about supplying your lab with the necessary biomedical research tools to accelerate your research. Elixirgen Scientific's human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) technology aims to provide accessible, high quality technology that can be used in any lab. We believe in harnessing the power of Human iPSC-derived technology to create endless opportunities for drug discovery, cell therapy, and regenerative medicine is necessary. Elixirgen’s proprietary transcription factor-based Quick-Tissue™ technology is an innovative tool that provides researchers with easy, rapid, and consistent differentiation of Human iPS and ES cells to various cell types. Transform how you model human biology, with us.

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Frozen cyrovial of human iPSC-derived cells

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