Introducing the Enhanced: Quick-Neuron™ GABAergic – mRNA Kit

The Quick-Neuron™ GABAergic - mRNA Kit (Small) facilitates rapid and efficient differentiation of human iPS or ES cells into a population of primarily GABAergic neurons. Quick-Neuron™ GABAergic differentiated cell cultures display typical neurite outgrowth and express a variety of neuronal markers, such as the pan-neuronal marker tubulin beta 3 class III (TUBB3) and the GABAergic marker glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD65/67).

• Differentiation achieved in just 11 days
• Proprietary transcription factor-based stem cell differentiation
• Highly pure populations of neurons
• No genetic footprint
• Long-term viability
• Suitable for a variety of characterization and neurotoxicity assays